Our Services

Debt Collection Service Module

We understand collections is all about COVERAGE and INTENSITY

We have assisted our Clients in collecting the debts spread on the field with a strategic approach. Below layout explains our high level approach

How we do – Real estate

We offer expertise in complete Domestic Customer Life Cycle Management and Real Estate support

We offer a one stop solution to all your Real Estate needs. We understand the Real market and also its economics.
Hence we focus on those elements that tend to slower the entire process
Our in-house customizable CRM enlightens us with various analytical dashboards thereby, assisting us in making strategic and tactical decisions

Who we worked for

We allow are Clients to focus on their CORE business while we manage their Non-Core activities

Every contact with a customer is an opportunity to build upon that relationship. focuses on enhancing the customer experience by providing consistent service delivery across all customer contacts. A brief sample of Customer Service includ





About us

MAKSHI INFOTECH is a global leader in managed analytics and our clients trust us for our deep domain expertise, end-to-end service, innovation, and high quality insights.

We recognize that at the heart of every successful company is an outstanding team of people, and that is why our team is made up of experienced, passionate professionals who understand the market and technology, and know how to provide industry-leading service for our clients.

MAKSHI INFOTECH seeks to nurture the brightest minds and the boldest thinkers. We are seeking candidates who can embody our core values and are willing to actively contribute to our clients’ success and growth.

Who we are

Makshi Infotech provides technology-enabled business solutions to its customers from various industries

Makshi Infotech Facts                                           
Founded in 2003                                                                                                                  
10 Clients, 100+ employees                                                                                          
More than 20 million end customers
2017 revenue of INR 3.23 million
3 Processing Centres – Thane, Mulund & Andheri
Associated with Trading Company
Vision: To extend, to accomplish what appears outside the ability to comprehend. This is going for the greatest. This is the assurance to challenge our points, and confinement; it is tied in with understanding our potential, and about growing our potential. It is tied in with cooperating.
Mission: Our central goal incorporates helping our customers to expand their client base, and to acquire and aggressive edge improving their efficiency at last. It is to understand that I win when my group wins, my group wins when Makshi wins, and Makshi wins when its Clients win, when its partners win.

Our Values

We align our strategies in line to the Customer’s vision and enable them to allot more market time.


To attain speed & efficiency we constantly innovate our strategies, technology and process.


Quality is at the CORE of everything we do, even when no one is looking. Thus delivering right service at the right time to the right customer.

What we do

We embrace the complexities of Clients and turn them into solutions with measurable performance.

We bring innovation, leadership and passion to our customer’s businesses so as to enhance performance and value. Our values are embedded into everything we do.
By letting Makshi manage services that are non-core to their business, brands can focus on growth, delivery and efficiency, and improve their time to market. Our sophisticated technology allows us to integrate voice, email, chat and other customer interaction channels to offer consumers a seamless interaction with the brand.
We use our in-house designed analytics and research capabilities to create reports that help brands not only improve operational effectiveness but also manage brand equity. We work with our clients to define business metrics that allow easy, quick and relevant decision making.
We have helped Clients who are already leading in their industries.
Our strengths

Quality is at the CORE of everything we do


Apart from our internal structure, we also recommend, setup, integrate and offer ongoing support

Data Management and Predictive Analytics at Every Interaction
Our suite of data management and predictive analytics solutions transform information from disparate sources into specific best-next-action recommendations for each customer, at each interaction – even if it happened just seconds ago.

Consistent, Coordinated, Inbound, Outbound and Multichannel Communications
Centrally managed templates and rules provide business units with more agility. Your teams will have total visibility into data, documents and interactions, while integrated marketing automation systematically guides every customer interaction, incorporating the latest insights in real-time.

Modular, End-to-End Capabilities from a Single Provider
Revolutionize your capabilities without replacing your existing infrastructure. Integrate our open, modular design to build a winning, end-to-end customer experience over time―by taking advantage of your existing legacy system investments.

Start with a specific process, interaction or department knowing you can expand the technologies deployed now to support more efficient, personalized interactions across your entire enterprise.

how we do – customer cycle

We offer expertise in complete Domestic Customer Life Cycle Management and Real Estate support

Our solutions for customer lifecycle management make it easier to eliminate non-value ads and grow revenue with more effective customer acquisition, increased cross-sell and lower attrition
Now you can quickly access, enhance and integrate insightful customer data across your enterprise and automate decisions on a customer-by-customer basis.